Who are these bearded gentlemen and what makes them special?

   Joe Martin   vocals, rhythm - and lead guitar

Growing up in New Jersey before joining the Navy and traveling the world, this Yankee-turned-Southerner considers the musical vibrations of Bob Marley, soulful sounds of Muddy Waters, explorations of Miles Davis, and the groovin' of the Grateful Dead as inspirations for wailin' & moanin'. Also serves as the band's primary songwriter since helping to found the band in late 2006 from the remnants of the local acoustic band "Drive South".
   Lonny Finnley   rhythm guitar, mandolin & vocals

Formerly of South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle, the mandolin maestro of the Brewers formerly toured with the Celtic-fused sounds of Henri's Notions. Now the band director at King College, Lonny lends his soaring vocals and mastery of rhythm to the Brewer's lineup.
   Jeff Dean    drums, percussion and vocals

A native of the Tri-Cities (hailing from Telford), he's played with bands as diverse as Serpentine Brown, RC and the Moonpies, and Johnny Echo & The Reverbs before joining the Brewers in 2006. Counts as his musical influences the likes of John Bonham and Ringo Starr as well as non-percussionists such as Louis Armstrong and the Allman Brothers.
  Marion Dunn    bass and vocals

From Willie Dixon and the roots of Delta Blues, to the bluegrass roots of the Appalachians, one of Memphis' most complete and accomplished bassists lays down the bottom end for the Brew-Crew. Growing up in Memphis and influenced by the likes of Duck Dunn, John Cowan, and Paul McCartney, he relocated to the Tri-Cities in the 90's and joined the Brewers in Dec. 2006.
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