Who plays what, when, and why?

Joe Martin
vocals, rhythm - and lead guitar

Lonny Finnley
rhythm guitar, mandolin & vocals

Jeff Dean
drums, percussion and vocals

Marion Dunn
bass and vocals

The Rhythmbrewers pretty much keep the same rhythm during one song, although Lonny seems to occasionally march to a different drummer. They are good at playing more than one note at a time (which they call "chords" in their silly jargon). Why they play as a band is easy to figure out: each player by himself would be an obnoxious solo act.

Technically speaking...

The Rhythmbrewers play their own original music, which makes it worthwhile to listen to the lyrics as well as the tunes. Although they are obviously influenced by other well- known artists, this band pretty much features the experience and lifestyle of everyday Americana. A healthy dose of humor and self-loathing is always evident in the lyrics, supported by their musical talents.

Elements of Rhythm & Blues as well as acoustic folk often shine through the animated performances, but the band thankfully is so unruly that they defy simple categorization. True Indie musicianship never sits well with big labels: The Rhythmbrewers will most likely never win an MTV video award, but instead have a loyal following of like-minded Wall-Street drop outs and coffeehouse afficionados.

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